Floral Wallpaper - Gingko Blue
Floral Wallpaper - Gingko Blue


Floral Wallpaper - Gingko Blue

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Ginkgo Blue is a wallpaper that proudly hosts a canvas of Ginkgo leaves. Ginkgo is also known as the Chinese temple tree and is one of the world's oldest trees. In Japan, the Ginkgo is a symbol of long life, strength, hope and peace. The branches of the pattern and the decorative leaves create a modern look and transform the room into a beautiful and sumptuous space

Gingko Blue is part of the Nippon collection 

Brand: Sandberg Wallpaper Wallpaper 
type: non-woven wallpaper 
Dimensions: 10.05mx 0.53m 
Repeat pattern: 64cm 

Please allow from 5 to 10 days for delivery of this product.