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Mrs Mighetto

Nursery Wallpaper - Flying Boat by Jimmy Cricket

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This wallpaper is sold per M2 (Minimum 3M2)

Once you have ordered please email us your wall dimensions - Remember to add 5cm to each side. 

The flying boat can travel at the speed of light and is the only vessel that can pass through secret portals to and from the depths of the ocean. The boat sails, forever followed by an entourage of important figures. That precious cargo must never be left unguarded.

This wallpaper will make a beautiful room with airy pattern of the flying boat.

The wallpaper has a soft and non-reflective matte finish. The material adds an exclusive look and touch to your walls. All our wallpapers are printed on a non-woven paper reinforced with nylon fibers that create no VOC (Volatile organic compound) in room temperature. 

The wallpaper is customized to fit your wall perfectly with no unecessarily waste. The wallpaper will be delivered as a seperate consignment if ordered together with other products. There is no return right on this product since it is customized.

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