Wallpaper Calculator

Use the Summer Gray wallpaper calculator to check how many rolls you need for a single wall. 

Tick here when measuring a Jimmy Cricket wallpaper, and please note:
  • A fixed height is required due to pattern length
  • The average size of a single Jimmy Cricket roll is width: 1.8m height: 3m
  • For walls higher than 3m, please contact us for custom printing.

Wall Width (Meters):

Wall Height (Meters):

Roll width (Meters):

Roll height (Meters):

Pattern repeat (Meters):

Number of rolls:

Rounded up from:

  • Square meters of roll:
  • Square meters of wall:
  • Width of wall + repeat:
  • Width repeat x heigth wall:
  • Wall height x Wall width:
  • Please note

    • Summer Gray will not be responsible for overage or shortage based on these calculations.
    • This calculator is an indication only, different designs can require varying quantities.
    • This calculator does not take in to consideration any doors or windows.
    • For any further questions, please contact us